About HypnoSurYoga
Hypnosis, Surya (Sun) and Yoga - these three words make up how HypnoSurYoga came to be. HypnoSurYoga is a home, a safe haven, a place for you to confide in, free from any judgement and ultimately, to be the best version of yourself that you can ever be.
HypnoSurYoga is by no means a new establishment; You might already have came to us prior to our rebranding, back when we were still known as Ekta Holistic. If you were a part of Ekta Holistic, then to you we say, “Welcome back.” We may have had a rebranding, but we can assure you - we are still the same home that you can always rely on.
Now that you are here with us, we would like to welcome you anew.
Welcome to your home of relaxation, improvement and balance; Welcome to a journey of achieving your dreams and making your life a truly meaningful one; Welcome, we say with open arms, to HypnoSurYoga.

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