Service Introduction
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Set Yourself Free from Negative Emotions
Ease your mind, body and soul from painful memories and stressful experiences with our EFT sessions. Join us for a calming and relaxing session where we guide you to tap on your acupuncture points our fingertips (no needles needed!) to help you disassociate the negative emotions with past events. By the end of the session, you will leave with a smile and a lighter heart, free from your emotional burdens!

Tap into Your Subconscious Potentials
Changing for the better is always easier said than done, but you might just be pleasantly surprised by how much easier it would be if we just talk to your subconscious mind! Make your next step to positive self-improvement much easier under our hypnotist’s guidance. Relax your body, focus your mind, and let us empower your mind for the change you need.

Regain Your Balance with the Universe’s Energy
The universe vibrates with a vibrant yet zen energy; Tap into Reiki to harvest the energy all around you, and to restore your balance - both mentally, physically and spiritually. When you leave HypnoSurYoga after a Reiki session, you will also be leaving behind your stress and tension, taking with you only a relaxed and rejuvenated body, mind and soul.

May the Qi Flow Smooth
Experience the ancient practice from China with acupuncture. While this practice may be old, the deep-rooted knowledge and techniques are still applicable even on this day. After the session, you will surely feel the difference in your body - the tension will be greatly reduced with a smoother Qi flow from our acupuncture sessions.

Time Line Therapy
Resolve Negative Thoughts from Its Roots
Think of a time line where every little dot marks an even in your life - Our Time Line Therapy does work in a similar fashion! In this therapy, we’ll walk down your memory lane (or time line) as you go closer and closer to the roots of your negative thoughts. When we reach the roots, we will work on helping you to let them go so that you can finally be free of these thoughts.

Corporate Yoga
A Healthier Workforce, A Better Performance
Corporate yoga is exactly as it sounds - it’s yoga sessions taught in a corporate setting, perhaps right within your office! Get on your yoga mats, and let your muscles have a good stretch. By the time the yoga session ends, your body will feel so much lighter yet stronger. Experience the art of yoga within the comforts of your office with us, HypnoSurYoga!

Pendulum Healing
Allow Crystals to Work Its Wonder
Have you ever felt like your body, mind and soul is out of balance? It might just be! Let our crystal pendulum’s natural swinging patterns guide you to a more balanced state. Experience the wonders of just acknowledging this imbalance, and allow your body to reset itself to a more balanced state naturally with a pendulum’s guidance.


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