Our Founder
Master Surjit Singh Khalsa has more than 14 years of experience as a yoga instructor. He is a qualified Hatha Yoga instructor completing a Diploma in Yoga which incorporates Anatomy and Physiology and also Yoga Teachers Diploma Courses from a complimentary Health Education Limited in England. He has spent many years working on developing and understanding the nature of self-worth issues and connecting with our higher selves.

Master Surjit runs a Holistic Centre offering wide range of holistic healing, yoga practices and meditation. He is a certified practitioner in the following healing methods:
  •     Chikara Reiki Do
  •     Usui Reiki
  •     Hypnotherapy
  •     Time Line Therapy
  •     Emotional Freedom Therapy
  •     Shambhala Healing
  •     Spiritual Restructuring
Master Surjit is also a certified Law of Attraction Coach. He conducts numerous workshops & seminars that mainly focus on self-healing and union of mind, body and soul. These workshops will help to strengthen and elevate oneself from within and also to realize one’s self-worth physically and spiritually.

Master Surjit has been attuned to Reiki Level 3 and completed the necessary training with true dedication and commitment in Passing Attunements recognized by UK Reiki Federation.

Message from Master Surjit

A relaxed mind. A peaceful soul. A joyful spirit. A healthy body. Abundance of love, wealth, success and happiness is yours by practicing  total harmony within and without.

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