The Founder
When Master Yogi Surjit Singh Khalsa first ventured into the world of yoga instructing, he also opened the doors to many other remedial techniques.
The journey into the world of being a yoga instructor saw to it that Master Yogi Surjit found great joy in helping each and every unique individual that came to him – he found everyone’s story unique and meaningful, and he found it even more purposeful still to help them get onto the right path.
Everyone is unique, and everyone communicates in their own ways; Master Yogi Surjit is skilled in finding the perfect ways to guide each individual, even going to extents to make his yoga classes & practices a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone.
Years after Master Yogi Surjit himself graduated with a Diploma in Yoga Teaching from England in 2005, he started focusing on giving to people around him with his passion in teaching. He grew from being a yoga instructor to more than just that – Usui & Tibetan Reiki Master recognized by the UK Reiki Federation, Law of Attraction Coach, advanced hypnotherapist and much more.

Master Yogi Surjit Singh is a practitioner in the Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioner Malaysia (AHPM) and a registered yoga teacher under Yoga Alliance RYT® 500. At the same time, he is also a Time Line Therapist and a NLP Master Coach. The yoga instructor is well-versed with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Shambala Healing, Spiritual Restructuring as recognized by the Spiritual Response Association in Washington, and Yoga Nidra Teacher Training which is accredited by the Yoga Alliance.
Master Yogi Surjit continued to learn and learn, just so that he can continue to teach and help, and to bring them onto the same spiritual journey that he went through. He taught the unfamiliar, the new and the needy, guiding them towards their goals and dreams with everything that he has learnt and more.

Message from Master Surjit

A relaxed mind. A peaceful soul. A joyful spirit. A healthy body. Abundance of love, wealth, success and happiness is yours by practicing  total harmony within and without.

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