Join us in our healing yoga for back pain classes! Specially tailored for those who are suffering from pains & aches in the upper, middle and lower back areas. 

Causes of Back Pain?

  • Muscle Imbalance
  • Body held out of alignment
  • High heels
  • Long hours of sitting
  • Bad body postures
  • Slouch
  • Weak abdominal or back muscle
  • Standing with more weight on one foot than the other

Yoga and Healthy Back
  • Proper alignment
  • Work both sides of body equally to correct any muscle imbalance
  • Maintain good body postures
  • Strengthen back muscles and abdominal muscles
  • Combination of breathing and stretching will relief back pain caused by psychological and emotional factors.

How Healing Yoga for Back Pain work for you?

Many people have one side of the body that is stronger which in itself can cause misalignment. Healing yoga exercises enables you to strengthen and correct muscle imbalances that cause back pain. Healing yoga is a safe and well balanced exercises that encourages you to work both sides of your body equally. In this yoga for back pain classes, you will be guided on how to apply healing yoga to achieve a healthy back.

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