Shambhala is the energy of unconditional love which comes through the heart chakra to help one to heal oneself and others. Shambhala works with an energy called the Mahatma. The Mahatma means your Divine Self. Your Divine Self experiences all life as one.

Shambhala is suitable for everyone. It does not cause any harm as it is a very gentle healing force.

Shambhala healing is similar to Reiki. Shambhala has been called “The Complete System of Reiki” because it includes 352 symbols in the entirety. These powerful symbols are used for certain sicknesses to ensure the energy(s) will continuously flow to the patient.

Benefits of Shambhala Healing are:-

  • supports the body’s ability to heal itself naturally while respecting your own body’s time frame
  • promotes well being on all levels : mental, emotional, physical and spiritual
  • loosens up any blocked energy and cleanses the body of toxins
  • reduce stress and good for releasing addiction
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