The philosophy behind EFT is that emotional problems could cause our bodies to rebel against us and that in turn brings us physical or medical problems. It involves the body’s energy field or also known as ‘energy meridians’ in Traditional Chinese Medicine field.

EFT is a drug-free technique that reduces stress or painful emotions associated with our thoughts or our past experiences. No surgical procedures, needles, pills or chemicals are required for this healing technique. EFT merely requires a few harmless procedures that involve tapping gently with your fingers, humming, counting and rolling your eyes around in your head while holding in mind a troublesome thought.

All negative emotions will cause a disturbance in the body’s energy system. By tapping on the acupuncture meridians, these unwanted emotions can be reduced or eliminated, thus allowing to be shifted into a more positive state. As the body vibrates more positive vibrations, so will the mind as well.

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