Spiritual Restructuring is an extremely powerful and comprehensive system of healing – combining all aspects such as our physical, mental, emotional, as well as our spiritual aspects.

Spiritual Restructuring works energetically with your body’s inner wisdom to heal and balance your physical body.

SpR healing sessions includes:-

  • Body Alignment – gently and painlessly adjust your body’s alignment. Adjustments are made energetically to the muscle, working with your spirit, so that they are not jarring to the body and the alignments will stay
  • Muscle Release – correcting shortened or lengthened muscles, brings relief by releasing tension being held in the muscles
  • Cranial-Sacral Correction - the cranial plates can be out of balance from the birth process or from injury to the head. It is a major cause of manic depression/bi-polar disorder. The cranial-sacral correction is made easily and painlessly through SpR.
  • Parasite Removal – Parasites can get into the body from eating raw food that has the parasites on or in it. Through SpR, they are quickly and easily removed from the body
  • Spiritual Parasite Clearing – Spiritual parasites are causes that were established during the creation of the human body. They are responsible for poor health conditions. There are three forms of spiritual parasites, affecting three different areas of the body: the head, the torso, and the entire body. They are very easy to clear with SpR healing method.
  • Spiritual Healing of Hiatal Hemia – involves healing of certain tumors, cardiovascular system, the nervous and limbic system, organs and glands.
  • Crystalline Restructuring - clear and balance emotional, mental and physical bodies.
  • Clearing and Balancing of Transformers,Cloacals,Lymphatic System , Chakras, Meridians and Auric Field – Transformers are points in the body where spiritual energy is transformed into a more usable form for the body.Cloacals are communication lines within the body. Imbalances in the cloacals can affect the messages being sent from the brain to the limbs. Balancing the cloacals may help to reduce carsickness, coordination and equilibrium imbalances. The lymphatic system runs through the entire body and serves to filter and purify the body.
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