Below are the types of Yoga Classes offered in Ekta Holistic Centre

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Ekta Traditional Healing Yoga

Traditional Healing Yoga class is suitable for all levels. It is gentle enough for beginners yet beneficial to intermediate students as well.  It is set at a slower pace, and students will be guided carefully into the yoga postures and alignments. Here you will learn about the ancient yoga, and proper breathing techniques.

Breath is the only bridge between the inside and outside world. During the Traditional Healing Yoga Classes, you will be introduced to various types of breathing techniques, and you will be taught to synchronize these breathing techniques with the yoga poses you are practicing, depending on the organs/area of body you are working at.

Traditional Healing Yoga emphasizes on listening to your own body, and following the pace and capability of your body.  Some examples of the focus of Traditional Healing Yoga are detoxification of the liver, strengthening and toning of the muscles of arms/legs/abs etc, and also the alignments of the imbalanced muscles which may cause physical pain/discomforts.

Traditional Healing Yoga helps to develop flexibility in your spine, alleviates pains and aches, and improve your overall health and well-being. You will experience deep stretching, strengthening, and total mind and body relaxation.

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Ekta Yoga for Abs

The abdominal area is one of the most stubborn parts of the body. If you want to take an all-natural approach at eliminating all those flab and tighten your abdominal muscles, then you can try performing some yoga exercises that help to tone, shape and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Yoga is a gentle way to lose weight and abdominal fat, since the exercise are done without any jerking or boucing of the body.

Yoga and Toned Abs
  1. Alleviate back pain
  2. Improve posture
  3. Improve breathing
  4. Improve balance
  5. Increase flexibility
  6. Enhance digestive sytem of the body and waste elimination processes

How Yoga for Abs work for you?

Create the body you always wanted with Yoga for Abs. Regular practice of yoga for abs will also increase your flexibility and balance.Toned abs are a sign of a healthy internal system and also the key to good posture and proper spinal alignment.

Easy-to-follow exercises included in this yoga for abs classes will help to tighten your abs, lift your buttocks and strengthen your upper body. This yoga exercises is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate level students. Yoga for Abs is the perfect way to trim, tone and tighten your abdominal area.

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Ekta Yoga for Cardio

Cardio yoga techniques can be performed in a number of different ways. Here you will learn traditional yoga exercises with more movements. It involves practicing a series of poses without stopping and starting or hold onto the pose for a longer duration of time. This gets the cardiovascular system moving and is similar to doing other types of cardio exercises, such as running, aerobic or cardio strength training.


  • Oxygenate your  entire body
  • Learn to balance while strengthening your abdominals
  • Stretch and  tone  your hips and groin
  • Open your chest and increase your lung capacity
  • Improve your stamina
  • Burn calories
This yoga exercises is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate level students.

Ekta Yoga for Slimming

Perfect way to tone muscles!
Get your body in shape with Yoga!  
Learn how to Slim & Tone your body, and Look Your Absolute Best!
What can this yoga class do for you:

  • Tighten and tone up muscles
  • Get rid of extra fats & flabs
  • Work on specific problem areas (abdomen, arms, legs, thighs & hips areas)
  • Kick start metabolism
  • Burn calories & fats
  • Control desire to overeat
  • Fine-tune body that is already in good shape
Come join us in this Ekta Yoga for Slimming Classes!

Transform your body. Enjoy seeing muscles toned.

And Enjoy seeing the New Confident You… Slim, Toned & Sexy.

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Ekta Yoga for Old Folks

Old Folk’s Yoga Classes in Ekta Holistic Centre are specially designed for older adults to increase strength, mobility, and bringing calmness to the mind. Don’t worry; you can never be too old for Yoga!

Exercise is a crucial part of healthy aging. Yoga is not only safe for older people, but also effective in keeping the mind and body in good health. Unlike high intensity cardio exercises or weight lifting trainings which may put too much strain on the body, Yoga is an excellent low-impact exercise that’s easier and gentler on the body, yet involves a good range of motion.
Yoga can improve many problems associated with aging, including energy levels, bone weakness, arthritis, blood pressures, cholesterol levels, sugar levels etc. Yoga is suitable for people to manage sickness related to weight problems, diabetes, heart diseases, stroke and others.

Benefits of Old Folk’s Yoga:

Regained Flexibility, Strength & Body Balance
With age, we often become less active and less flexible. Old Folk’s Yoga involves gentle stretching of yoga poses that can help one to develop greater flexibility overtime. It helps to keep spine strong, flexible and better blood circulation. Through yoga practice, most seniors develop better stability, flexibility, strength and balance, and thus reduce the risk and chances of falling and injuries

Good for Old Folks Suffering from Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Body/Joint Pain & Aches
According to medical research, Yoga practice is not only safe for those with osteoporosis, but also effective in the prevention and slowing bone density loss. If you are looking to prevent osteoporosis, or to find relief from existing body pain or joints pains due to arthritis or aging etc, Yoga is an excellent choice. Gentle poses and stretching in yoga practice is beneficial for pain relief and body re-alignment. Gentle muscles stretching and movements in Yoga help to lubricate joints and regain and increase flexibility and joint range of motion.

Relieving Menopause Discomforts
Certain yoga postures help to ease the hormonal fluctuations of menopause. Yoga in overall helps to relieve uncomfortable symptoms of menopause, which may include hot flushes, anxiety, abnormal menstruation flow and others. 

Keeping Mind Sharp & Alert
Regular yoga exercise help relieving stress, keeping you energized and centered. Yoga practices boost up energy levels and keep one’s mind active and sharp.

Peaceful Sleeps at Night
Many old folks tend to suffer from insomnia and restless sleeps. Yoga helps to improve sleep quality and allows you to sleep more peacefully at night. 

Reduction of Blood Pressure
Yoga has been reported to reduce high blood pressure, which is often a common health concern for seniors. Yoga practice incorporates calming techniques and physical movements, which both help to improve blood pressure.

Practicing Old Folk’s Yoga slows down the process of aging in the body and mind. Yoga is an ideal exercise to keep one fit and healthy especially during the transitional process of aging and old age itself. Most importantly, Yoga helps one to find a reason for living during the transitional period and aging phases through body awareness, breath awareness, relaxation, mental alertness and awareness.

This is the perfect opportunity to introduce the old folks/seniors in your life to the healing and beneficial practice of Yoga!

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Hatha Yoga - in Sanskrit (an ancient classical language of India) "Ha" means "sun" and "tha" means "moon". This type of Yoga is fairly slow paced, a gentle form of Yoga which focused on simple poses that comfortably flow from one to the other. It is a good place to start if you are completely new to Yoga.

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