Reiki is a Japanese healing art, discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in 1922. ‘Rei’ refers to higher intelligence, while ‘Ki’ refers to a life force energy that flows through every living being in the universe.
Our Reiki practitioners will channel Reiki’s zen and vibrant energy from the universal source to you through palm healing. Throughout this process, you can expect to feel a wonderful sense of recovery, rejuvenation and relaxation to your body, mind and soul. This gentle and safe energy is always in abundance, and every Reiki transfer will bring you to a better state of yourself - stress-free, rebalancing and much more.
Just let our Reiki practitioners know about the Reiki aspects that you wish to prioritize healing, and you can lay back, relax, and feel the calming effect of Reiki going through and over your being during the Reiki session.
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