Aventurine Dolphine 2'' Red Orange Crystal Figure
Aventurine Dolphine 2'' Red Orange Crystal Figure Animals Crystal and Gemstones Store Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Puchong Classes, Instructor, Courses | Ekta Holistic Centre Sdn Bhd
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Your deluxe dolphin is made from natural aventurine. The dolphin is splashing happily out of the waves, with its nose and fins in the air! It is full of positive healing energy!

Product Description:

Dolphin represents intelligence and evolution of thoughts.  It symbolizes friendliness, agility, gentle, kindness and group cooperation.  It will bring joy and aid one through troubled and bad times.

Healing Energy

Aventurine is the stone of Wealth and Abundance. It is excellent for attracting abundance of things that you desire!

Aventurine is a stone of good luck. Most often used in the games of chance and gambling. It is a prosperity stone.  Keep Aventurine with you when you gamble, go on a job interview or seek financing.  It makes a good divination tool for spiritual guidance on anything related to money or gambling.

Aventurine is considered as an all-purpose healing stone.  It helps to relieve stress, anxiety and emotional discomfort.  It is a good career stone for those working under stressful environments. It reinforces ones decision making abilities, and enhances leadership qualities.

It is an excellent stone for protecting the heart chakra. It acts as a shield against “energy leeches/vampires” who like to tap in and use the energy of the other people.

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