Amethyst Angel 2'' Guardian Crystal Prayer Stone
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Let this Amethyst Angel be your Guardian Angel! This absolutely gorgeous crystal angel is carved from Amethyst. The angel stands in prayer, with her wings out spreading unconditional love. When you are sad and down, when you need encouragement and hope, t

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Angels are usually viewed as messengers of a supreme divine being, sent to do the tasks of that being. A typically benevolent celestial being that acts as an intermediary between heaven and earth, especially in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Zoroastrianism.

Healing Properties

Amethyst comes from a Greek Word “amethusos”, meaning “not drunk”. In Ancient Greece, Amethysts were believed to ward off the drunkenness and were worn as amulets by inexperienced drinkers. It was believed to aid in alcoholic addictions as well.

The Greeks believed the owner of this gem would be blessed with happiness and unending love and affection, and will enjoy protection from dangers and negative indulgences.

Amethyst is a Stone for the Mind. It helps to bring calmness and clarity when there is anxiety and confusion. It is an extremely calming stone, excellent for those who are overworked, overstressed, or overwhelmed.

The meaning of amethyst is spiritual contentment. It strengthens the connection and communication between the body, mind, soul and other worlds. It enhances one’s intuition and wisdom as well. It also fosters spiritual awareness and psychic abilities. It aids in meditation, and opens your crown chakra to receive universal energy.

Amethyst is very beneficial as a stone of protection as it neutralizes negative energies. It also assists people to become more flexible and adaptable to new ideas.

It will aid one in achieving financial stability, especially great for those who find it difficult to manage their financial affairs, and those who are involved in big enterprises.

Amethyst helps to aid insomnia. Put an amethyst under your pillow to bring about pleasant dreams.

Rub it across your forehead to offer relief from headache. It can also aid in breathing problems and problems in the blood. It also helps to overcome fears and cravings.

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