Hatha Yoga
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‘Ha’ refers to the sun, and ‘tha’ refers to the moon. Hatha Yoga therefore can be seen as yoga of balance. Hatha Yoga is fairly slow-paced; a gentler form of yoga focusing on simple poses that flows seamlessly from one position to another. Hatha Yoga is for everybody - whether you are a new or seasoned yogi, you will find hatha yoga to be a calming and peaceful practice.
Realign and calm your mind, body and soul with this yoga practice as you follow our gentle yet firm guidance. When you’re in a Hatha Yoga session with us, you will practice getting into and holding your yoga postures. We will also guide you with breathing exercises which will complement your yoga postures, helping you to hold your positions longer.
As the name origin suggests, you can also expect to experience a wonderful sense of mental and emotional balance with this yoga practice. Experience the calmness and peace that Hatha Yoga can bring you by joining our sessions at HypnoSurYoga today.

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